Wikithon Public Participation #3


Competition of Idea for Waste-Free Environment

Got an idea?
Let’s upload it!
1. Click here to go to the Wikithon Page.  On that page, click on [Create an Entry for the Wikithon] to suggest your idea.  Make sure you are logged in first. Need help logging in? Click here.
2. Add photo with your idea.   Need help uploading photos? Click here.
3. Add your idea in the Description column. Maximum 300 words. Use the Balinese language if you can (informal Balinese is fine).  Otherwise Indonesian or English will be accepted.
4. Enter your full name and social media account in the Social Media column so we can contact them. Example: I Made Agus_@madeagus123(IG)
5. Enter your school, organization and your location in Location column.
6. Don’t forget to Save the Page and then click “Participate in Wikithon”.
7. The winners will be announced on BASAbali Wiki’s social media.

We thank Fondation Botnar and our media partners for supporting us in Wikithon #3.

Workshop Upah Ngolah Luu

“The Benefit of Recycling Waste for Us and Universe” 

Saturday, 4 September 2021 


Category University Students and Public

STKIP Agama Hindu Amlapura

Ring Jero Soang-Soang Pilah Taler Olah Sampah” 

Batulampo; Belly Andalas Giyana Mahardika Giyani Saraswati

“Ngentosin Styrofoam lan Tas Kresek Aji Don Biu”

Category Higher School

SMAN Bali Mandara

Category Favorite

Gusti Agung Arisanti and friends

Most Active Community

SMPN Cipta Dharma

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