Public Participation Wikithon #15


Say your ideas through a speech text in Balinese

At the near-end of 2024, BASAbali Wiki opens another Public Participation Wikithon competition. This Wikithon is an oration text writing competition. Twenty selected participants will advance to the final round of oral oration directly in front of the juries and prospective members of 2024 senate candidates. The topic of this Wikithon competition is:

Election 2024: What are the most urgent issues for Bali’s leader candidates to prioritize?
Wikithon Topic

How to Join

Winner Categories


1st winner: Rp1,250,000
2nd winner: Rp1,000,000
3rd Winner: 800,000

(+trophy and certificate)

High School

1st winner: Rp1,000,000
2nd winner: Rp750,000
3rd winner: Rp500,000

(+trophy and certificate)

Life Participants

Total Rp1,000,000
This category is special for two BASAbali Wiki’s life-participants.

(+trophy and certificate)

The Best Comment

The community can add comments in Balinese language on the comment section of the Wikithon participant’s entries. Four best and the most inspirative commentators will get Rp125,000 each.

Click here to learn how to comment on Wikithon entries.


I Wayan Juniarta

Senior journalist in Bali

Gusti Ngurah Kama Wijaya

Education, Youth and Sport Agency of Bali Province

Dr. Luh Riniti Rahayu , M.Si.

Chairperson of Bali Sruti

BASAbali Wiki also invites 2024 senator candidates (DPD) of Bali Province as juries.

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