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Engage in our community competitions

How engaged are you with issues in your community? Every two months, we invite you to speak out on a different issue to improve livability and wellness in your community through our wikithon competitions. Entries are judged by a panel of policy makers, subject matter experts and representatives from the millennial community.

The Issues we have engaged about


Bagaimana tangkapan kamera di wilayah pedesaan saat covid-19 di Bali?
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Bagaimana Covid-19 menjadi puisi kehidupan saat ini?
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Wikithon #JegRekamGen

How do the young generation respond about multicultural society and faith or religion in their social environment?
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UPDATE: Lomba Essay BASAbali

Bagaimana pandangan dan pengetahuan kalian terkait sejarah Bali?
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Lomba Ngae Poster Mabasa Bali #jeggambargen

Bagaimana cara kalian menyesuaikan diri menyambut era new normal pandemi COVID-19 ini?
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Essay about COVID-19

What do the young generation of Bali think when got hit by COVID-19?
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