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We help young people develop the communication, research, analysis, debate and digital skills needed to participate in civic issues and then we provide them with the opportunity to actually use those skills to speak out, debate and take action on a range of civic issues. At the same time, we work with policymakers to actively include young people in policy making to ensure that young people not only have a safe place – in the local language on a community-developed platform — to voice their concerns and ideas but also to ensure that policymakers hear and respond to those voices.  We also involve teachers and parents so that we create an ecosystem which encourages and supports civic participation by youth.

 Special thank you to Fondation Botnar for deepening our public participation efforts.

Issues we are talking about


What are your ideas, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for Bali?
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March 2023 – Wikithon Ogoh-Ogoh

We Left Washington then Headed to Minoh Hey, Come On! Join Wikithon Ogoh-Ogoh
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January 2023 – Wikithon Interfaith

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Dr. Pande Made Kuta Negara, M.Si

Akademisi Universitas Gadjah Mada

I Gusti Bagus Weda Sanjaya

Penulis Puisi Terbaik Sastra Saraswati Sewana

Tjok Bagus Pemayun

PLT Kepala Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali

"By this competition, Balinese people have chance to express their thought in order to preserve the language and develop tourism in Bali"
Arista Darma
Winner Wikithon #4
"The Wikithon competition is very appropriate as a channel and media for people's aspirations, encouraging people to think creatively and critically"​
Nyoman Suandewi
3rd Winner of Wikithon #4
"The government is very happy and welcomes this competition openly"​
Made Mona Rosita, S.Sos., M.H.​
Government Office of Tousim in Bali​
The number of entries reflected just how strong the community spirit is in Bali. It was also a learning experience for me, to learn of the vast range of issues that are voiced through this engagement platform. Another aspect that was truly wonderful, was to see the bridging of a traditional art (Ogoh Ogoh) to a wider audience in a way where public issues can be represented through the Ogoh Ogoh.
Dian Dewi
Wikithon Jury