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We help young people develop the communication, research, analysis, debate and digital skills needed to participate in civic issues and then we provide them with the opportunity to actually use those skills to speak out, debate and take action on a range of civic issues. At the same time, we work with policymakers to actively include young people in policy making to ensure that young people not only have a safe place – in the local language on a community-developed platform — to voice their concerns and ideas but also to ensure that policymakers hear and respond to those voices.  We also involve teachers and parents so that we create an ecosystem which encourages and supports civic participation by youth.

 Special thank you to Fondation Botnar for deepening our public participation efforts.

Issues we are talking about

Dec 2021 – 4th Public Participation Wikithon

What should the government do to stimulate and sustain the tourism in Bali?
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Nov 2021 – 3rd Public Participation Wikithon

How would you reduce solid waste in your community?
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Aug 2021 – 2nd Public Participation Wikithon

What policies should the government enact to help Bali economically during the pandemic?
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June 2021 – 1st Public Participation Wikithon

What can we do to improve the economy in Bali during the pandemic?
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April 2021: How can women identify and respond to misinformation?

How do the women respond and cope misinformation?
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Dec 2020 – Dictionary Wikithon

Give an example sentence for words in the Balinese online dictionary.
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