Public Participation Steering Committee

Here are some people behind BASAbali

Toha Machsum, S. Ag., M. Ag.

Toha Machsum is the Chief of Language Office of Bali and also the author of "Khazanah Naskah-Naskah Jawa Pesisiran di Jawa Timur".

Prof. Gede Arya Sugiharta

Prof Arya Sugiharta is the Chief of Bali Tourism Agency and also the Former Rector or School President of ISI Denpasar.

Gede Indra Pramana, S. IP., M.A.

Gede is a lecturer of Political Science in FISIP Udayana University

Gede Made Cahya Trisna Pratama

Gede is the student of medicines in Udayana University and also the winner of Bagus Bali 2019.


Novriansyah was the students president of BEM PM Universitas Udayana in 2020.

Rahadityo Mahindro Bhawono

Rahadityo represents AMAN Hotel Indonesia and inspiring the reading and writing class of Local Language in Jawa and Bali

IGAA. Trisna Dewi, SE,AK.,MM

Trisna Dewi is the Head of UPTD BPTKK under supervision of The Office of Education, Youth and Sport of Bali.

Edward Speirs

Edward is the managing editor at NOW! Bali and currently being active in writing of Balinese Culture in different perspective.