Wikithon Public Participation

What would you do with the refugees coming to your place from conflict-prone areas, such as with what's currently happening in Ukraine?

May 1 – 18 2022

Refugee Wikithon

What do you think?

  • Prepare your opinion in the format of a newspaper article with 500 – 800 words using Balinese (in everyday language) or Indonesian
  • Upload your work on the BASAbali Wiki page! Click here to go to the Wikithon page, and click [Create Entry For Wikithon].  Make sure you are logged in first. Click here if you need help creating an account/log-in. Then complete the following informations:


Add a Title to your opinion (made as unique/creative as possible using Balinese/ Indonesia if possible)


Upload a Photo (this will become the cover/thumbnail of the work).  Any photo or graphic that you have permission to use is fine.


Add your opinion – in the format of a newspaper article – to the  “Description” 


Write your name in the “Author” column (you can use a pseudonym if you don’t want to use your real name).


Click the topic column and select “refugees”


Write a one sentence a summary for your opinion in the “Summary” column that has been provided


Don’t forget to “save page” and click the red box [Participate in Wikithon]!


When you have uploaded your work, click [Wikithon Certificate] to get a participant certificate

Don’t forget to vote and share your opinion to win the favorite winner category and give a comment for the best comment category! 

Click here for voting steps and comments on Wikithon entries!

Check the tutorial video to upload your work ===>

Get The Prize!

Winners will be announced via BASAbali Wiki social media!

The Jury's

Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bali Province

IDEP Selaras Alam Foundation



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