Luh Ayu Manik Mas Ngalahang Legu Poleng

LAMM 6 crop

The 6th Edition 


(Luh Ayu Manik Mas Win Against Black-White Mosquitos)

Author : Melania Torrey & Made Suhendri Yani

Illustrator : I Nyoman Mayartayasa


Made Putri has fallen ill! The news caught Luh Ayu by surprise. It was just a couple of days before that she talks with her best friend. On that telephone conversation, Made Putri sounded so jovial. She just received a package from her older sister in the States. Luh Ayu was also happy for her. The Covid-19 pandemic has made telephone conversation the only mean for Luh Ayu to talk to her friends. The doctor said that Made Putri suffers from Dengue Fever. While it is not the coronavirus, dengue fever can’t be viewed lightly due to its annual death tolls. Luh Ayu feels sad, she then asked her friends to clean up their village. Unbeknown to them, this simple activity would lead them to face a monstrous mosquito who wanted to suck all of their blood. Carefully Luh Ayu turned herself into the superhero Luh ayu Manik Mas to help her friends out of this problem…

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