BASAbali Wiki Gandeng BASAsulsel Wiki Lestarikan Bahasa Daerah

BASabali Wiki invites BASAsulsel Wiki to preserve the local language

BASAbali Wiki collaborated with BASAsulsel to preserve the local language. The native speakers of Makassar local language currently decreased , it could affect the sustainability of the language. How can they do it? Let’s watch the podcast!

BASAsulsel Wiki Ajak Milenial Lestarikan Bahasa Daerah

BASAsulsel Wiki invites Millennials Generation to Preserve the Local Language

BASAsulsel Wiki collaborated with BASAbali Wiki hold discussion session “Sakranna Anak Mudayya”. This is a part of the first anniversary of BASAsulsel Wiki. It is celebrated in Rumata’ Artspace in Makasar. It was expected to be a media for millenials to participate in public issues in Makasar local language. 

A Month Dedicated to the Balinese Language

A Month Dedicated to the Balinese Language

As reported by, Bali Governor Wayan Koster presided over the formal closing of the 4th Balinese Language Month 2022 (Bulan Bahasa Bali IV Tahun 2022) held on Monday, 28 February 2022, at the Ksirarnawa Building at the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar. In his address, Governor Koster issued his thanks to all parties, especially Bali’s regional governments and municipal government, who supported the successful operation of the month-long event.

On Modernity, Perspectives from Balinese: Ni Nyoman Clara Listya Dewi

On Modernity, Perspective of Balinese:
Ni Nyoman Clara Listya Dewi

Director of Communication, BASAbali 

As the result of technology development and change of life style, it affects the local tradition of Balinese. This leads to the act or modern-ize the culture itself. This modernising act can lead to distortion of value and belief of the tradition and culture. It is belived that this is caused by the built communication, belief and transparency. However, it does not mean that both could not be elaborated or combined, and BASAbali succesfully used technology to maintain or even document the culture and tradition of Bali.