BASAibu (formerly BASAbali)

We support local Indonesian languages, cultures and civic engagement by encouraging people to publicly discuss key issues using local languages on community-developed online platforms.

Our approach

We take an ecosystem approach to public participation by fostering sustainable systems, engaging stakeholders across sectors, recognizing the interconnectedness of language, social and physical environments, and by empowering people to use the internet more effectively to explore the complexity of issues, speak out, listen, and take action.

Our primary digital vehicle of engagement are local language wikis which are designed, populated, and used by the community to fit evolving community needs.  We started our work in Bali, Indonesia, where the BASAibu Wiki has engaged over 3.2 million to date.

What we do

Public dialogue on civic issues

Through bimonthly wikithons and biweekly “What’s Up?” questions, we encourage young people to speak out about specific civic issues.  Policymakers, subject matter experts and the community vote and publicly respond.
Supporting Projects

The public can voice their opinion about education, public health, the economy, women’s empowerment, the environment or any other issue that they would like, in their local language.

Our Wikithons are a fun way to engage the community in contributing to our wiki. They engage schools, sponsors and a jury towards a grouped input into our knowledge base.

Weekly questions that let everyone participate in civic discourse.


Our local languages wiki dictionaries provide translations in Indonesian and English.  The dictionaries provide videos and text using words in context through simple videos provided by the community and via entries in the public dialogue and cultural parts of the wiki.


Cultural wiki

The community defines sections — and the structure of those sections — most meaningful to it to document, share, and strengthen the community’s worldview, traditions, and knowledge.   The community has added artist directories, a people’s history, sections on visual and performative arts, and more.

Indonesian Superhero Luh Ayu

Modeled after traditional Indonesian shadow puppet storytellers and co-developed with the community and local artists, digital superhero Luh Ayu Manik Mas engages youth to take action to advance the sustainable development goals. 

Luy Ayu Manik Mas speaks directly to the public through her social media channels to empower young people to improve their natural and cultural environments. Her books are each in Balinese, Indonesian, and English.

Where we work

We started our work in Bali where we are organized as a registered NGO called BASAbali Wiki.  BASAbali Wiki is a collaboration of local artists, advocates, students, and scholars. We work closely with policymakers, teachers, and village leaders.

In partnership with the Rumata Foundation, our work in South Sulawesi includes a Wiki (BASASulSel Wiki, in Makassarese and Buginese), wikithons and workshops.


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