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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which strives to strengthen the Balinese language, as part of the cultural identity of the Balinese people, as one of the world's linguist gems, and as a model for other minority languages.

"The site is a magnificent accomplishment. Brava. It is artistically and intellectually enthralling." -- Professor Ron Jenkins, Wesleyan University

"This will create awareness for the latest generation to preserve and develop their mother language as a part of their life in the midst of globalization." - Professor Windhu Sancaya, Udayana University

BASAbali Projects

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Language Software in English

Software dlm Bahasa Indonesia

* Balinese script training modules (Free!)

* Translation Services

* GOOGLE home page in Balinese (https://www.google.co.id/ - bookmark it!)

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