Learn and Encourage Spoken Balinese and Balinese Script

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to bring together experts on Balinese language and culture to create the first multimedia language materials for spoken Balinese and the endangered Balinese script. By doing so we hope to promote the use and understanding of the Balinese language.

"The site is a magnificent accomplishment. Brava. It is artistically and intellectually enthralling." -- Professor Ron Jenkins, Wesleyan University

"This will create awareness for the latest generation to preserve and develop their mother language as a part of their life in the midst of globalization." - Professor Windhu Sancaya, Udayana University

Learning Software/DVD

Our language materials focus on 24 conversational videos, punctuated with language exercises, grammatical explanations and electronic flashcards. Cultural notes serve as a resource to anthropological, historical and current topics about Bali and a series of modules teach the endangered Balinese script. Free for nonprofit organizations. $25 for individuals to support nonprofit use.

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