Software to Learn Balinese


Our software is now available online (web access). It can be used on PCs and MACs.

Please let us know if you prefer the version for English or Indonesian speakers.

The price of the software is as follow:

  • Free of charge to non profits, community organizations, schools for use in those institutions (please use individual pricing for home use).
  • Individuals and companies (USD 25.00).
  • You can also make a donation (any amount welcome).

Proceeds will go toward helping Balinese university students use these materials in Balinese middle schools (we have 12 schools lined up already to teach 480 middle school students), to defray the costs of copying the DVD for the schools, to provide technical support, to add additional script modules and to update the software.

Get this software with these following steps:

1. You can donate $25 and send it to

2. Send your request for the software to

We  will happily send you the software right away!


Let’s get learning balinese in other way with us!