Linguapax Award and Wayang Listrik

A Celebration of Balinese Culture Evolving into the Digital Age

December 1st:  ARMA Museum, 7:00 pm.  Tickets are available here.

The evening will begin with the scintillating Grup Gedebong Goyang, a comedy group of Balinese-speaking Western Women who invites audiences to laugh at and with them as they shed light on cultural and linguistic stereotypes.

Sanggar, ARMA’s Children’s Gamelan and Dance group will kick off the evening followed by Grup Gedebong Goyang, a Balinese speaking Western comedy group.  Grup Gedebong Goyang will introduce BASAbali Wiki, an innovative free online Balinese-English-Indonesian wiki dictionary and virtual library that is being developed by scholars and community members from within and outside of Bali as a free public cultural resource while engaging the public to value and elevate the importance of Balinese cultural in the modern digital world.   The people of Bali will be presented with the prestigious International Linguapax Award for this innovative initiative.

The presentation will be followed by a performance of Wayang Listrik (Electric Shadows) by one of Bali’s most accomplished puppet masters, I Made Sidia.  Wayang Listrik, also known as Wayang Skateboard because the puppeteers move their puppets around faster using skateboards than traditional puppeteers were able to do, is a fusion between a traditional wayang (shadow puppet) performance and modern technology, again underscoring the viability of local Balinese traditions in the age of technology.

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