The People Behind the Wiki Reference Dictionary

We are grateful to the following who helped develop the Wiki:

The wiki was designed by the incredible Andru Vallance of TinyMighty.  Many thanks to Purnawan Heyun Kadek, Ika Inggas, Kadek Hemawan, and Luciana Ferrero for translation assistance, and to Andru Vallance, Ayu Mandala and Bale Banjar USA for helping to make Balinese an official wiki language.

The wiki was started with Fred Eiseman’s Balinese-English dictionary, with many thanks to Eiseman’s assistant, Linud, and Eiseman’s estate for donating the dictionary.

Tremendous thanks to those who edited the English sections of Eiseman’s dictionary, including Brandon Yu, Toni Pollard, Robin Tatu, Jack Blaylock, Megan Harris, Margaret Cole, Wayan Mastriyana, Wulan Dari, Lucy McGilligan, John Kandjistent, Adrian Groom.

A team of Balinese experts will review and edit the wiki.  The team includes:

  • I Wayan Suardiana – ketua program studi sastra Bali, fakultas sastra budaya UNUD
  • I Gde Nala Antara – Ketua Badan Bahasa Aksara  Sastra bali prov bali
  • I Ketut Ngurah Sulibra – dosen program studi sastra Bali, fakultas sastra budaya UNUD
  • Made Suryati – dosen program studi sastra Bali, fakultas sastra budaya UNUD
  • Made Reland -staf upt perpustakaan lontar UNUD
  • Wayan Gunayasa – staf upt perpustakaan lontar UNUD
  • Ni Made Ari Dwijayanthi, S.S., M.Hum. – Pengasuh rumah sastra ‘Kelating’, sebuah rumah belajar bahasa, sastra, aksara, dan budaya Bali.
  • Prof Dr I Gusti Made Sutjaja MA, – penyusun kamus bahasa Bali-Inggris-Indonesia.
  • Dra. A.A.Sagung Mas Ruscitadewi, M.Phil.H – perintis lembar bahasa Bali,  Bali Orti, Bali Post, pengasuh bali orti 2006-2012
  • I Made Sudiana, S.S., M.Hum – penata di Balai Bahasa Provinsi Bali

We invite linguists from within and outside of Bali to be part of the wiki.  Please let us know if you are interested.  With many thanks to Ayu Mandala for organizing the expert team.   Special thanks to John Wolff and Adrian Vickers for their lexicography assistance.


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