Teaching Balinese in Schools

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After a successful pilot of 12 middle schools in the Den Pasar area, the Dept of Communication has recommended that all schools, elementary through high school, in the capital use the software to teach Balinese in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.  With much appreciation to Transparent Language 7000 Languages Project, which is making world-class language learning technology available for lesser-known and under-resourced languages, the materials which will teach Balinese with Indonesian or English instruction will be distributed free of charge.

We are indebted to the Department of Culture, the Department of Education, the Mayor of Den Pasar, Professor Windhu Sancaya and his committee of Udayana students headed by Putu Eka Guna and included Harum Kartika, Adelina, Arsani, Yudi Santika, Widiadnyana, Apriani, Ita Ryandewi, Candrika, Gunayasa and Frischa, and Jonathan Olier of White and Case for making the pilot possible along with the incredible folks at Transparent Language.

The Following Schools were part of the Pilot Program:


SMP N 1 DENPASAR Putu Yudik Santika Putra
Komang Widhi Adnyana
SMP N 2 DENPASAR Desak Putu Elviana Dewi
Ni Nyoman Apriyanti
Ni Kadek Dewi Santiastini
SMP N 4 DENPASAR Ida Ayu Eka Purnama Wulandari
A.A Istri Ita Ryandewi
SMP N 5 DENPASAR Ni Made Adelina Dewi
Ni Wayan Sudiasih
SMP N 7 DENPASAR I Ketut Suantara
I Wayan Very Iadnyana
SMP N 8 DENPASAR Ni Nyoman Arsani
Desak Komang Maygayanti
SMP N 10 DENPASAR I GA Ima Swandayani
I A Putu Ratna Dewi
SMP N 11 DENPASAR Ni komang Ayu Padmasari
Putu gekanna delvia
SMP N 12 DENPASAR I Kadek Surya Tjayadi
Pande SUmardhika
Ni Made Yuliatmi
SMP TUNAS BANGSA Dayu Frischa Mahayani
Komang Erna Erawati
SMP DWIJENDRA Ni Putu Devi Prasemesti
Kadek Wirayanti

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