Our Electronic Flashcards Work on Mobile Devices!

androidHere’s how to put the electronic flashcards on your mobile device:


1) You need access to the software.  You do not need to purchase again if you already have access.

2) Put the free app on your device.

a) For  iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Navigate to the iTunes App Store. Search the store for “Byki for iPhone Community Edition” and tap “Install”.
(An internet connection is required for downloading.)

b) For Android

Open the Google Play application on your device and search for “Byki Community Edition”.


3) Log In

From your computer, log into Transparent Language Online and click on the “Go Mobile” button on the home page.

Step 1


4.  Get Username

Click the “Get Byki CLE User Name” button to obtain your unique mobile username and password.

Step 2


5.  Launch App and Enter Username

Launch the Byki Community Edition software on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android device. When prompted, enter your Byki CLE User Name and Password. Your device will then have access to download the appropriate lists and languages corresponding to your Transparent Language Online account.
(An Internet connection is required for downloading.)

Step 3



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