Learn To Speak Balinese

Thanks to a subsidy from Transparent Language, on whose platform the Balinese language materials are built, we are proud to offer state of the art, multimedia software to learn Balinese to schools and nonprofit organizations free of charge.   We ask for a modest $25 from individuals interested in these materials to help underwrite the cost of distribution and technical support.

Our software centers around 24 conversational videos in a range of contexts: buying fruit at a market, going to a museum, practicing yoga, learning about organic farming in a chocolate factory, making a meal, etc.  Each section starts with a video with subtitles, and then moves through a series of interactive exercises, electronic flashcards, voice recognition, grammatical notes and cultural resources (note: Our cultural section includes contributions from Chef Chris Salans of Mozaic, Rio Helmi, Made Wijaya, Joel Sherzer, Laetitia Knight and more!).  Turn the subtitles off at the end when the video replays at the end of the section to see how much you can understand.

With thanks to the many who contributed to and developed these materials, and to Transparent LanguageYoga Barn, Big Tree Farms, Neka Art Museum and the Laguna Hotel which let us (Visual Bali Photography) film on site, here is a sample of our videos:

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and a sample of our how our videos work in the software: