Board Members – BASAbali

Sofia Blake
Chair of Board

Sofia Blake also established an initiative, 6x6 Women in Action, to support the work of 6 women entrepreneurs representing different fields and diverse parts in Indonesia. For her efforts she was conferred the Secretary of State's award for outstanding volunteerism in the East Asia region. 

Alissa J.Stern
Member of Board

Alissa J. Stern has taught at the University of Indonesia Law School and has written in the Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  Her book is entitled "The Process of Business/Environmental Collaborations" (Quorum 2000).

Anak Agung Gde Rai
Member of Board

Anak Agung Gde Rai is mostly known as Gung Rai, the owner of Agung Raing Museum of Arts (ARMA). His dedication and love for his homeland resembled in the way he talked about it. He never painted, yet e will tell you, but it is nevertheless through painting that he found the language and means of Balinese Harmony

Dr. Douglas Kammen
Member of Board

Dr. Kammen is Associate Professor in Southeast Asian Studies Programme, National University Of Singapore. His research interests include labour and social movements, military politics, and popular political thinking.

Dr. Mary Zurbuchen
Member of Board

Dr. Mary Zurbuchen is an independent researcher and consultant with interests in Southeast Asian studies, Indonesian language and literature, and international education and now, she is a Senior Adviser to the Henry Luce Foundation’s Asia Program.

Kadek Sonia Piscayanti
Member of Board

Kadek Sonia Piscayani has published books and poems on literature, manages an art community and established an independent publisher, Mahima Institute Indonesia, based in Singaraja, Bali.  Sonia works on women empowerment through arts and culture.  

Ketut Ika Inggas
Member of Board

Ketut Ika Inggas is the chairperson of Banjar Bali USA, the Balinese community in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. Before she moved to the US in 2011, Ika worked as a development specialist on democracy and human rights projects with institutions.

Ni Made Ayu Marthini, M.Sc.
Member of Board

Ni Made Ayu Marthini has been a member of the Indonesian Delegation to international conferences for economic and trade-related issues since 2006, and has been highlighted as 1 of 16 Indonesian professionals with International Careers in the Book, Going Global

Rucina Ballinger
Member of Board

Rucina Ballinger has lived in Bali since 1974 (on and off, mostly on) when she came to conduct research on dance and religion. She has worked in Bali as academic Director of World Learning’s Academic Semester Abroad, as a cultural tour guide, and for the last 15 years has been in the non profit sector

Putu Suasta
Member of Board

Putu Suasta is one of the founders of the Wishnu Foundation, a Balinese nonprofit organization that focuses on educating and mobilizing Balinese to care for and improve their natural environment. He has published several books on cultural and political issues.

Catharina Widjaja
Member of Board

Ms. Catharina Widjaja is Executive Vice President at Gajah Tunggal Group.  She is also the Director of Alun Alun Indonesia, an Indonesian retail concept which promotes Indonesian products and artisans. 

Aldwin Yusgiantoro
Member of Board

Aldwin Yusgiantoro has been driving the Voice of Millennials bookshelves encouraging Indonesian young community across the United   States and Indonesia to share their voice related to current affairs that include   social/cultural issues, politics and various other subjects. 

Nick Ballas

Nicholas P. Ballas (Nick) is President of Orbia’s Resins and Derivatives business group and Vestolit, a leader in advancing lives through basic materials, advanced materials and formulated solutions in a diverse set of end markets.

Anggota Board Sebelumnya

Kami berterima kasih kepadaWe thank the following people for serving on prior BASAbali boards:

Professor John U. Wolff
Former Member

Professor Emeritus, Dept of Linguistics/Asian Studies, Cornell University

Amrih Widodo
Former Member

Lecturer, School of Culture, History & Language, Australian National University

Gouri Mirpuri
Former Member

The co-founder of the award-winning The Learning Farm  (

Sarah Maxim
Former Member

The Vice Chair of the Center for Southeast Asia Studies at UC Berkeley since 2003

Rio Helmi
Former Member

A world-wide known photographer and writer

Mimi Sie
Former Member

Mimi Sie lives in Jakarta where she enjoys design, friends and food.