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BASAbali proudly present:

BASAbali Wikithon #JegTuturangGen

It has been a while for us to engage with you in Wikithon or Wiki Marathon The annual wikithon this year is special since we are not only holding this competition, but also a seminar namely Wadhu Wakya in March 27, 2021. The topic for this year is WOMEN and Mis-information. In accordance with it, this time in wikithon, we also have this topic.

We invite all people, regardless of age and gender to tell us about what’s your story, experience or opinion about “The Women’s Role in Preventing Disinformation”.

It is not the last thing, we also invite everyone to give us their thought through comment section at the bottom part of the post, We have special rewards for this one #JEGKOMENGEN

Let us hear your story!!! 



We already have the winners for this competition,

Once again, congratulations for :

Juara Wikithon tuturang

We also got the best comment, as follow:

– Tejamahadi20         – Luhtu Nirani

– Lampuhijau          – Ni Made Suryaningsih

– Wayan Murdana       – Made Hartadinatha

– I Wayan Adi Suantika          – Rai

– Parimartha