Keep the Balinese Language Strong!
We strive to encourage people to value Balinese.

As with endangered species, the goal with languages should not be to wait until there are only a few remaining survivors and then place them under protection (i.e. make recordings of the last speakers). Rather, we should take the more sustainable path of preserving the diverse natural habitats where minority languages are spoken. This means taking a cultural, political and even economic approach to saving languages ... and starting as soon as possible. We are a collaboration of linguists, anthropologists, students, and laypeople, from within and outside of Bali, who are collaborating to keep Balinese strong and sustainable.

  • Wiki Dictionary

    An evolving multimedia "living" Balinese-English-Indonesian reference wiki dictionary

  • Poetry Contests

    A monthly online poetry contest and an annual live poetry slam

  • Google

    Google's Home Page in Balinese

  • Educational Materials

    Educational materials via fun and interactive software to learn Balinese script and conversational Balinese

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Here are some of the people behind BASAbali
Putu Eka Guna Yasa
Managing Director
Ni Nyoman Clara Listya Dewi
Director of Communication
Ni Made Budi Utami
Administrative and Financial Director
Ida Bagus Arya Lawa Manuaba
Marketing; Manager of Lontar Shelf, Holiday and Ceremonies Shelf; Social Media Team
Ni Kadek Winda Yanti
Website Administrator
Ida Wayan Eka Werdi Putra
Head of Dictionary Division
I Kadek Juniantara
Workshop Coordinator & Manager of Places Shelf
Dewa Ayu Eka Putri
Performing Arts Shelf Manager
I Wayan Sunarta
Manager of Biographies Shelf
Grace Ming An Martin
Government Shelf Manager
I Wayan Artadana
Manager of Environmental Initiatives Shelf
Putu Desy Apriliani
Manager of Scholar Shelf
I Made Sugianto
Manager of Children Books Shelf & Manager of Folktales Shelf
I Made A. A. Hadi Sutresna
Manager of Gatra Millennial Shelf
Luh Yesi Candrika
Manager of Gatra Millennial Shelf
Ida Ayu Putu Nita Piayanti
Language Soldier Team
IGP Surya Angga Buana
Language Soldier Team
I Dewa Ayu Widya Utami
Language Soldier Team
Ni Putu Ayu Suaningsih
Language Soldier Team
Ni Komang Dewi Juliana
Social Media Team
I Gede Windhu Kusuma Negara
Social Media Team
I Gusti Ayu Rusma Windiyana Putri
Social Media Team
I Komang Eka Adi Prasetya
Social Media Coordinator

Samples of our Interactive Software