Join us for any or all of the 2 hour competitions

14th December 14:30 pm Bali Time

until 15th December 14:30 Bali Time

RP 800.000 in prizes every 2 hours

Wikithon Help


Interval 1 Rahajeng  Singaraja2_Weda (umum), Denpasar13_Krismantara (ring GDLN – Udayana),   jakarta2_yosia (ring @amerika)

interval 1 (umum)    IMG-20181207-WA0007 - Ravik Ocean  (ring GDLN – Udayana)   IMG_20181205_204913_653 - Yosia Grahna   (ring @amerika)

Interval 2 Rahajeng  Denpasar13_Krismantara

IMG-20181207-WA0007 - Ravik Ocean

Interval 3 Rahajeng   Denpasar17_Semara

BBWiki Team - Semara Yanti

Interval 4  Denpasar16_Ayumi

image - Ayumi Puri

Interval 5 Tabanan1_Moniarta 

IMG-20181210-WA0018 - moni jaya

Interval 6 Rahajeng Denpasar19_Sulastri sareng Karangasem3_Budiarta

1544579105351 - Ni Kadek Ayu Sulastri   foto - budiartha made

Interval 7 Rahajeng  Denpasar19_Sulastri

1544579105351 - Ni Kadek Ayu Sulastri

Interval 8 Rahajeng  Denpasar16_Ayumi

image - Ayumi Puri

Interval 9 Rahajeng  Denpasar13_Krismantara

IMG-20181207-WA0007 - Ravik Ocean

Interval 10 Rahajeng Karangasem3_Budiarta

foto - budiartha made

Interval 11 Rahajeng Denpasar19_Sulastri

1544579105351 - Ni Kadek Ayu Sulastri

Interval 12 Rahajeng Denpasar13_Krismantara (umum)  Denpasar9_septarini (ring Stiki)

IMG-20181207-WA0007 - Ravik Ocean



The following teams have registered to compete:




We thank the following sponsors without whom this event would not be possible (with special thanks for guidance from Sustainable Suzy)




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