The BASAbali Wiki Website Wins Linguapax Award

BASABali Wiki

dari kiri ke kanan: Ajus Caskara, (panitia Wikithon), Alissa Stern (founder BASAbali Wiki),Gde Nala Antara (direktur BASAbali Wiki), Annerie Godschalk (pengisi konten) saat jumpa media di Denpasar, Rabu (28/11/2018)


REDAKSIBALI.COM – Many languages ​​have become extinct in the last 30 years and 607 have not been safe. So, language preservation efforts are very important including in this case the Balinese language.

Language, script, and Balinese literature are actually the soul or spirit of Balinese culture. There is a lot of knowledge and literature that uses Balinese language and script as a medium.

This was conveyed by Gde Nala Antara BASAbali Wiki director when meeting media crews in Denpasar, Wednesday (11/28/2018)

Gde Nala Antara conveyed that not a few Balinese language lovers and observers have made various efforts to revitalize the Balinese era of the millennial era.

In the millennial era of the internet being a very influential information media, it was also used as a media for dissemination, preservation, as well as the development of knowledge and information based on Balinese culture.

In 2018, preservation efforts, the digital revitalization initiative of the Balinese language through BASAbali-BASAbali Wiki, a website based on the knowledge of language and culture of the Balinese people won an international award from Linguapax.

The Linguapax Award is planned to be presented by Monica Perena, President of the Linguapax Board on Saturday. December 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the ARMA Museum, Ubud.

According to Gde Antara, BASAbali encourages people to preserve the Balinese language by developing resources that can be accessed by the public since 2011.

Working with a number of volunteers, BASAbali has translated the Google homepage into Balinese and has developed multimedia software which was then provided to schools and community organizations for free.

Basabali. org or BASAbali Wiki is a Balinese language conservation community through the medium of the online Balinese language dictionary. This community was formed by Balinese researchers, anthropologists, Balinese language instructors, lecturers, teachers, students and the general public.

The aim of the establishment of this community is to contribute to preserving Balinese as the local language of Balinese society, through the media online dictionary.

This dictionary is then referred to as the BASAbali Wiki dictionary. The BASAbali Wiki dictionary can be accessed via the device and is now available in the form of an Android-based application.

In the BASAbali Wiki dictionary there are several additional features such as virtual libraries (biographies, books, folktales, comics, places, lontar, short stories and pomes) as well as word games.

In the near future to be dated December 1, 2018, BASAbali Wiki will hold a Linguapax Awards celebration, as a world award for Language revitalization initiatives. will also hold a Wiki Marathon (wikithon) competition dated December 14, 2018. Wikithon is a competition to enter as many words as possible into the BASAbali Wiki online dictionary. Anyone can take part in this competition because in addition to getting prizes, contestants also directly participate in preserving the Balinese Language (GR / rls)