Celebrate Saraswati – The Balinese Day of Knowledge and Culture

Eve of Saraswati Day – November 27, 2015

This program celebrates Balinese, Indonesian and all of the world’s languages as we move into a culture where mother tongues can thrive — and be nourished — along with national and international ones. Monocultures of any type are not sustainable. We need to manage the world’s languages in a holistic and sustainable way just as we do with other natural resources, before too many more languages become endangered species.

LIVE STREAMING at LiveStreamAsia.com

Simultaneously in Bali and 10 locations – FREE!

8:00 pm at the ARMA Museum in Ubud Bali (NOTE new time)

  • Enjoy live poetry competition from monthly online poetry winners
  • Rejoice in Nyoman Catra’s children’s Arja and Janger de Saba (disabled elementary students)
  • Watch Bulan Trisna’s dance
  • Be greeted by Indonesian ambassadors from Washington, DC, NY, and several European countries
  • Listen to a Balinese poem read by Balinese in the diaspora

8:00 am at the Indonesian Ambassador’s Residence in Washington DC (free, but please RSVP: SARASWATI2015.eventbrite.com)

  • Meet ARMA’s Agung Rai and Wesleyan Professor Ron Jenkins, author of Saraswati in Bali
  • Be treated to Agung Rai’s collection of Saraswati paintings
  • Enjoy live dancing and gamelan from Bali Banjar USA
  • Learn from Gabriella Perez-Baez, head of the Recovering Voices, Smithsonian Museum
  • Listen to a Balinese poem read by Balinese families living in Washington DC
  • Participate in other events via simulcast

2:00 pm in Belgium, Brussels, the Hague, Stockholm, 3:00 pm in Helsinki

  • Be greeted live by the Indonesian ambassador
  • Participate in other events via simulcast
  • Listen to a Balinese poem read by Balinese families living in the diaspora
  • Live gamelan or dance in some embassies

Taped from Tokyo and Melbourne

Bid in the SARASWATI auction at http://bit.ly/1LsP9CH to help support Saraswati Day events.