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Wikis Awaken Local Languages

From Asia Views, April 2, 2018… Once scoffing at Wikipedia, academics are slowly entertaining the idea that crowd-sourced knowledge might be a useful starting point for serious research as Wikipedia and other crowd-source platforms have “metamorphosed from gangly cultural interloper(s) into the de facto reference work of first resort.” Recent work by the Spatial History Project at Stanford[…]

Happy Sarasvati’s Day

This program celebrates Balinese, Indonesian and all of the world’s languages as we move into a culture where mother tongues can thrive — and be nourished — along with national and international ones. Monocultures of any type are not sustainable. We need to manage the world’s languages in a holistic and sustainable way just as[…]


Fred Eiseman Works!

With many thanks to the estate of Fred and Margaret Eiseman, we were given access to Fred’s papers.  Funding permitting, we’ll put as much of the dictionary works on the wiki dictionary ( as possible. The hard copy of the materials will be housed at Cornell University.  If you can help enter data in the[…]