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The BASAbali Wiki Website Wins Linguapax Award

  REDAKSIBALI.COM – Many languages ​​have become extinct in the last 30 years and 607 have not been safe. So, language preservation efforts are very important including in this case the Balinese language. Language, script, and Balinese literature are actually the soul or spirit of Balinese culture. There is a lot of knowledge and literature[…]

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The virtual Wikithon will consist of 12 two hour competitions from 14 December 14:30 WITA to 15 December 14:30.  Prizes will be awarded every two hours.   Teams are welcome to participate virtually or in some on the ground venues. REGISTER HERE          


Preserve the Balinese Language for Future Generations.

A film focusing on the efforts of BASAbali in Indonesia as they work to preserve the Balinese language for future generations. For more information, visit BASABali Wiki Official Website. This video was produced on location by an Actuality Media student crew, produced in conjunction with COM 495: Social Interest Documentary Filmmaking, a travel course led[…]

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Wikis Awaken Local Languages

From Asia Views, April 2, 2018… Once scoffing at Wikipedia, academics are slowly entertaining the idea that crowd-sourced knowledge might be a useful starting point for serious research as Wikipedia and other crowd-source platforms have “metamorphosed from gangly cultural interloper(s) into the de facto reference work of first resort.” Recent work by the Spatial History Project at Stanford[…]

Happy Sarasvati’s Day

This program celebrates Balinese, Indonesian and all of the world’s languages as we move into a culture where mother tongues can thrive — and be nourished — along with national and international ones. Monocultures of any type are not sustainable. We need to manage the world’s languages in a holistic and sustainable way just as[…]