6th Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Campus (III) Health Promotion Poster

In a collaboration with Health Promotion Department, School of Public Health Udayana University and as a follow up event after succeed with the first video challenge, The Wiki Usada Team starting a new theme for campaign Basa Bali speaks in Health area. We initiated a creative project to promote Basa Bali Health Promotion Poster that[…]

5th Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Campus (II) Video Challenge

School of Udayana University, Denpasar is one of school that we proposed to create a creative content for Wiki Usada. We worked collaboratively with the student body organization to produce public service announcement related herbal medicine that can uploaded on the online dictionary. We formatted this event as video challenge that can stimulate the participant[…]

4th Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Campus (I)

Introducing Wiki Usada as a local wisdom’s internet platform for Herbal Medicine. As one of the Wiki Usada’s team has a chance to meet with students at School of Public Health, Dhyana University, Badung we arrange a special session to discuss about herbal medicine on Balinese Daily life. In the beginning the students explained about[…]

3rd Public Event: How to be a good translator & to be a contributor at Wiki

We have a good chance to meet Terry, one of Wiki’s volunteer from Australia. He visited Bali and we discussed about the challenge while we work as contributor (online) for Wiki Bali. As a result, we planed to arrange a meeting as a follow up the 2nd public event with the Duta Bahasa. As we[…]

2nd Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Balai Bahasa

Duta Bahasa (Bali’s Language Ambassador) is the youth organization that selected from a local language competition that consist of the youth who has a big attention to preserve local language and to promote Bahasa Indonesia to the world. On this 2nd Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Balai Bahasa, The Wiki Usada’s team invited all[…]

1st Public Event: Wiki Usada Goes to Banjar

To celebrate Indonesian Children’s Day, Wiki Usada, in a collaboration with some community groups including local Garment, Dancer community, Readers Community and Bali’s Language Ambassadors (“Duta Bahasa”, a program of Balai Bahasa, held a celebration called “Perayaan Hari Anak bersama BASAbali Wiki 2017” (Celebration of Children’s Day with BASAbali Wiki 2017.” This event was held[…]

Happy Sarasvati’s Day

This program celebrates Balinese, Indonesian and all of the world’s languages as we move into a culture where mother tongues can thrive — and be nourished — along with national and international ones. Monocultures of any type are not sustainable. We need to manage the world’s languages in a holistic and sustainable way just as[…]