John U. Wolff

Account of career: John U. Wolff

Born:                November 1, 1932, Berlin, Germany

Education:        Public Schools, Miami, Florida

BA, Cornell University 1954 Major Classics

MA, Cornell University 1955, Major General Linguistics

PhD, Yale University 1965, Major Linguistics, Thesis: Cebuano Visayan Syntax


1993 – 1998                 Director, SE Asia Program, Cornell University

2003 – date                 Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and Asian Studies, Cornell University

1963 – 2003                 Professor, Linguistics and Asian Studies, Cornell University.

1961 – 1963                 Research Aide, Instructor, Yale University

1960 summer               Visiting Instructor for Indonesian, Cornell University

National Activities

1976 – 1995      President  of COTI (Consortium for the Teaching of  Indonesian).

Teaching Activities

1976 – 2000      Indonesian FALCON (full-time Indonesian Language Concentration), Cornell University.

1963 – 2003      Courses in Indonesian and Javanese at all levels.

1965 – 2003      Courses in Tagalog and other Philippine Languages.

1963 – 2003      Courses and seminars in linguistics:  introductory, historical, field methods, sociolinguistics, lexicography.

1964 – 2003      Supervision of graduate students in linguistics and PhD theses.

Research Activities (on-going)

1963 – date       Research in historical Austronesian linguistics.

Summer 2009: Paper presentented to the Eleventh International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics  in Aussois, France: “Reconstructing PAn Morphology: comparing Pazih morphology with cognates in languages of the Philippines”



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Computer-assisted instruction

1.                      A complete course in Beginning Indonesian, 3 CD –Roms of interactive multi-media language training materials based on BITSI (item 10, above)