Board of Directors

Anak Agung Gde Rai
agungraiAnak Agung Gde Rai, known as Gung Rai, is the owner of the ARMA Museum. Listening to him, you will soon find yourself in a world of temples, dances and holy trees, and understand how in Bali a man is a part of the nature and the nature is shaped by men. He may talk about the gods, and you will be told that how they dwell in the self –one in the heart, another in the liver etc—and motion the Universe in an eternal movement of coming and going, creation and destruction. But it is when he starts glossing about visual arts that his eyes really spark. He never painted, he will tell you, but it is nevertheless through painting that he found the language and means to talk to his guests about Balinese harmony (by Jean Couteau, cultural philosopher and writer).

Professor John U. Wolff
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Asian Studies at Cornell University, Professor Wolff is widely considered to be the foremost authority on Southeast Asian languages.  He just completed an 1150 page corpus on Proto-Austronesian Phonology, which encapsulates his work developing the primary language texts for Indonesian,  Cebuano,  Waray, Javanese and Tagalog, the current edition of the Echols-shadily Dictionary, and countless articles on Southeast Asian grammar and morphology.

Professor Sarah Maxim
SarahSarah Maxim has been the Vice Chair of the Center for Southeast Asia Studies at UC Berkeley since 2003. She received her Ph.D. in Southeast Asian history from Cornell University in 1992, where her research focused on colonial-era Burma and Malaysia. From 1992 until 2003, she lived in Indonesia where she worked as an administrator and consultant for local and international non-profit organizations operating in Jakarta, including International IDEA, Pact, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the Asia Foundation.  Professor Maxim is fluent in Indonesian and assisted in the deelopment of the current Echols/Shadily Indonesian-English dictionary.

Putu Suasta
PSuastaPutu Suasta, whose mother tongue is Balinese, was born in 1960 in Bali’s capital Denpasar. He studied International Relations at Gajah Mada University in Java, and then sociology at Cornell University where he was granted an MA.  Mr. Suasta is one of the founders of the Wishnu Foundation, a Balinse nonprofit organization that focuses on educating and mobilizing Balinese to care for and improve their natural environment.  Mr. Suasta has published several books on cultural and political issues, including contributing to “Bali Living in Two Worlds” written by thirteen Balinese writers, architects, activists and others about the rapid changes in Bali.

Amrih Widodo
WarihAmrih Widodo, BA (Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia),  MA (Cornell), lectures in Indonesian language and culture, performing arts and popular culture in Southeast Asia at the School of Culture History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, the Australian National University.   He has taught Indonesian and Javanese language in several universities in the USA and Australia.  His current research topics include grass-root movements, the politics and poetics of performing arts, and local politics in Indonesia.

Professor Douglas Kammen
DougProfessor Kammen is Assistant Professor in Southeast Asian Studies Programme, National University Of Singapore.   Before joining the faculty of the National University of Singapore, Professor Kammen taught in the Department of Political Science at Canterbury University (1998-2000), was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at Universitas Hasanuddin in Makassar (2000-2001), and then taught at the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosae in Dili (2001-2003).   His research interests include labour and social movements, military politics, and popular political thinking.

Alissa J. Stern
AlissaSternAlissa Stern received a JD from Harvard Law School (1991) and a BA in Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies from Cornell University (1986) Alissa received an advanced certificate in Indonesian from IKIP Malang (in Jakarta) and helped revise the Echols/Shadily/Wolff Indonesian-English dictionary.  She has taught at the University of Indonesia Law School and has written on Indonesian environmental negotiations in Harvard Business Review and the Washington Post.  Her book is entitled “The Process of Business/Environmental Collaborations” (Quorum 2000).